8021.x Deployment Assistant

The deployment of dot1x (802.1x) on Network Access Devices (NAD) can be a time consuming and labor intensive endeavor for organizations of all sizes. Network Access Control (NAC) technologies such as Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) software require dot1x configured on Network Access Devices (NAD) to properly authenticate and profile endpoints on the network.

Squirrel has an automated solution that allows you to implement dot1x on Network Access Devices (NAD) through a targeted/methodical approach. You can switch specific devices and/or interfaces to/from Monitor, Low Impact, and High Impact modes.

These changes can be done at scale, allowing you to migrate entire sites over to dot1x quickly, which allows you to migrate them to the next enforcement mode when you’re ready - saving you significant time and money.

This solution supports the U.S. Department of Defenses comply-2-connect (C2C) initiative for improving endpoint security.