About Squirrel

Squirrel Compliancy Solutions is an IT Services firm which focuses on network security regulatory compliance and vulnerability management. We combine decades of industry experience assisting organizations with IT Service Management (ITSM) implementations, deploying monitoring platforms to increase operational visibility, and providing consulting for a variety of regulatory compliance standards. We saw the need for an automated compliancy solution when observing challenges often leading to financial penalties, unmitigated security vulnerabilities, and staff redirection from critical operating duties to performing tedious and time-consuming compliancy audits.

Our customers typically have already purchased and deployed compliance and vulnerability management products in their enterprises. These systems can require a significant time investment to properly configure and tune. We alleviate this effort, by using best practices to configure your existing systems to analyze your regulatory compliance and maximize your compliance and vulnerability management products Return On Investment (ROI). Squirrel Compliancy Solutions’ Automated Network Compliance service offering allows you to understand your security posture at a glance. The ability to quickly move our solution across classifications as needed ensures communication security for any environment, allowing you to determine your operational risks.

Squirrel’s Compliancy Solutions automates a repetitive, tedious, and labor-intensive process saving you and your technicians valuable time. This allows your team to focus on operating the environment instead of administrative tasks. It saves thousands of man hours during the auditing process while also allowing you to have daily visibility into your security posture with targeted remediation.

Know your network better than your adversaries with Squirrel Compliancy Solutions.